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How do I add an RV?

You'll be asked to add an RV when you first log in, and can add as many RVs as you like.

Adding your first RV

Once you have created a Togo ID, you'll be prompted in the app to add your first RV. We use the information you provide about your RV to create a tailored maintenance schedule for your vehicle and provide you with important updates about your RV.

Add the details of your vehicle

Make: Select from our list of RV manufacturers or enter your own. Note: you will not be able to change this once your vehicle has been added.

Model: Select from our list or enter your own. If you are using one of our RV manufacturer apps then you can expect more specific information available for your vehicle. Note: you will not be able to change this once your vehicle has been added.

Year produced: The year your vehicle was manufactured as it appears on your license.

Class: Select your RV's class from the list, or choose the best fit. If your vehicle class is not available then please let us know.

State registered in: The state your plates are registered to.

Once you've added the details of your RV, you will be able to add a picture.

You'll then be asked when you last completed maintenance on your vehicle. This helps us set up a starting point for your maintenance schedule.

From the information you provided earlier, we'll create a maintenance schedule for your RV. We suggest browsing through the list to make sure the list is right for your vehicle.

Add an additional RV

You can add as many RVs to the app as you like.

1. Open the navigation at the top right of the screen.



2. Tap on Change vehicle.

Add vehicle 1


3. Press the Add (+) button at the bottom right.

Add vehicle 2


4. Follow the instructions, you will also set up a maintenance schedule at the same time.

If you are having issues adding your RV to the app then get in touch.